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My Approach

New to Counselling and Psychotherapy?

People come to psychotherapy and counselling for many different reasons. Indeed both counselling and psychotherapy offer the opportunity to talk things over in a confidential space. So what’s the difference?

Some people come to see me because they want help with a specific problem that may benefit from short-term targeted interventions aimed at fostering changes in perspective and behavior, often in a particular context.

Sometimes though, psychological problems may have built up over the course of a longer period of time. In the same way as counseling helps you understand your feelings, thoughts and actions more clearly; psychotherapy is generally longer term and helps people explore deeper and often complex patterning that requires a different kind of attention to shift and change.

Benefits of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Some of the benefits you might experience from counselling and psychotherapy are;

  • developing skills for improving personal and professional relationships;
  • being better able to understand yourself, your personal goals and values;
  • a more stable sense of self;
  • increased confidence;
  • increased healthy spontaneity;
  • a more positive outlook on life and the future;
  • being able to feel more pleasure, vitality and aliveness

    What I offer
    With all my clients, I offer a supportive, face-to-face, non judgmental space to help you explore what bought you to therapy and to help you work towards greater wholeness and integration. Indeed, as a psychotherapist and counsellor, my work is deeply rooted in and influenced by my yearning for aliveness, wholeness, connection and integration.

    My approach is primarily humanistic though I am trained in a number of different modalities. This enables me to draw from the therapeutic approaches best suited to address your problems and to tailor counseling and psychotherapy to your particular needs. This means, I may use a reflective talking therapy approach including deep listening, open exploration, inter-active engagement and respectful challenge in order to help you understand how painful feelings in the present may have their roots in the past. In order to help you change your feelings, I may then use a more process, goal oriented approach, switching to pro-active techniques including possibly CBT, hypnotherapy & NLP amongst others, if appropriate.

    I also work with and through the body and are respectful of how the body can have a language of it’s own, often expressed in tensions, bodily symptoms and sensations and how, when listened to with the right kind of attention, stories of loss, pain and disconnection can gently reveal themselves.

    No matter what painful struggles, problems and difficulties you may be experiencing, my job as a counsellor and psychotherapist is to help awaken, foster, nourish and support the goodness and gifts that lie within each of my clients and to find ways to connect with what it means to live a truly worthwhile, meaningful, wholesome life. In summary, to help you to remember who you really are and why you’re here.

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